CE Marking

According to TS EN 14351-1:2006 standard published and became effective in 2006, CE marking is mandatory on the goods produced by doors and windows system producers. The transition period started in 2007 and ended in February 2010 and from this date with market surveillance and supervision, if door and windows are presented to the market without CE marking , criminal sanctions will be applied.

Project firms, architects, contractors and end users demand functionality tested and certified PVC windows systems day by day. In order to prove and certify that the windows carry these features, we receive support from independent, impartial, accredited, and approved testing and certification organizations.

Our company as a manufacturer; PVC profiles and doors and windows are designed according to customer requirements, sales-marketing policy and market requirements.

Initial type tests (ITT) was performed in the laboratories approved in European Union and published in European Union official gazette. Door and window system dealers and distributor’s dealers has been authorized to use of that results.

The factory production control system’s rules determined and enforced to provide same performance characteristics for windows and doors systems which has manufactured in dealers and distributor’s dealers.

Required Tests should be done in a Notified Body

EN 12211

Resistance to wind load

EN 140


EN 1027

Water Tightness

EN 10077

Thermal performance

EN 948, EN 14609

Static torsion

EN 1026

Air permeability

EN 12217

Stability and buoyancy assessment and categorization