Flat PVC Door Panels

General Features

The PVC entrance doors that we produce are not only a design element, they work reliably and provide protection against adverse weather conditions and sound insulation. They offer long life and remarkable appearance with extra safety options to protect against heat insulation and anti-theft.

PVC doors can be customized with different styles and colors. Any kind of glass, PVC or aluminum panel could be used, provides an unobstructed use with aluminum threshold application, they can be effortlessly integrated with the old structure with its easy mounting feature.

Thermoform PVC Decorative Door Panel Models

Decorative PVC Door Panel Color and Pattern Options

About Glass Types and Energy Loss

The heat loss in the window 90% of the glass, so it is very important to choose the glass in the doors and windows.
Privacy glass is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, it allows light to enter while providing privacy for your home,
Tempered glass is stronger and more impact resistant than regular glass, it is important for safety,
Low-E Insulated argon-glazed glass prevent UV radiation more than 90% and minimize heat transmission.