One Side Opening Windows

General Features

This model of window can be opened or closed on the vertical hinges of the wings to the right or left.

Ideal for narrow places, it can be customizable with colors and pattern options. They are easiest type for applications and use.

Helpful Information

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open inward, to the left or to the right. They are commonly called one side opening window. They are smilar of transom window, but the hinges located on the right or left side. Both can opened or closed easily with the rotation of a handle that can be accessed easily.

These windows provide maximum ventilation and natural light. Where ventilation is required such as a bathroom or kitchen works well. They are often used where unobstructed views are desired as in a living room.

Window Color and Pattern Options

About Glass Types and Energy Loss

The heat loss in the window 90% of the glass, so it is very important to choose the glass in the doors and windows.
Privacy glass is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, it allows light to enter while providing privacy for your home,
Tempered glass is stronger and more impact resistant than regular glass, it is important for safety,
Low-E Insulated argon-glazed glass prevent UV radiation more than 90% and minimize heat transmission.

Casement Configurations

The casement options have unlimited variations, a few types of casement shown below.