Our Environment and Energy Policy

Natural resources population is decreasing day by day due to growth and increase in consumption. In this context, the production of waste, increasing at the same rate. Qualified waste using with waste recycling by make available to use again the increased waste production, impact positive on the consumption of natural resources.

In this context, we aim to fulfill and continuously improve the activities necessary to protect the environment and reduce energy use.

Our environmental policy;

  • Classify our wastes and deliver to recycling plants
  • Work on to reduce waste production
  • Conduct research that will allow the reuse of entries that can be recycled
  • Make our employees aware of environmental protection

Our energy policy;

  • We aim to increase the quality of our products to the specified quality standards and to minimize heat-energy loss in use
  • Purchasing new technology products that can provide more efficient energy use that in using in our production plants