Sliding PVC Doors and Windows

General Features

Sliding windows feature slim vertical lines for a clean, elegant look and are available in two and three sliding combinations and preferred in terraces and lounges.
Full screen glass provides unobstructed views and maximum ventilation.

Dual brass rollers and fully-integrated lift rails ensure smooth operation and cam locks provide excellent security.
Reinforced sashes glide smoothly and remove easily for cleaning.
Dual sliding sashes allow both sides of the door/window can be opened at the same time.

Single or double glass usable, Glazing bead are specially designed to be sloped, this design prevents dust accumulation, closed rail channels provides easy to cleaning and sash adapter profile prevents ingress of dust.

Ideal for wide and narrow places, it can be customizable with colors and pattern options.

You have endless options and you can customize your doors and windows.

Window Color and Pattern Options