Social Compliance Policy

Our Social Compliance Policy

As Gurmen Pvc Plastik ve Insaat Tic. A. S., we adopt to establish and maintain a transparent, sensitive, quality system at every stage of production and management for our employees, customers, stakeholders and environment.

As Gurmen Pvc Plastik ve Insaat Tic. A. S., we are committed to;

Prevention of Child Labor:

To protect children from all kinds of abuse, toprotect them from all kinds of abuse, to not have employees under the age of 18 within the framework of institutional respect for their healthy development and right to education, and to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing child and young workers,

Prevention of Forced and Compulsory Labor:
To prevent work as contractual obligation or against debt and to assure work as voluntary basis,

Slavery and Human Trafficking:

To ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or in our supply chains as consistent with our commitment to act with integrity in all our business relationships,

Ensuring and Sustainability of Occupational Health and Safety:
To adopt as a priority goal to minimize any loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment; to carry out a working system that prioritizes the general health of employees in line with the legal regulations on Occupational Health and Safety, to improve OHS practices effectively according to technical developments and innovations,

Respect for the Right to Freedom of Association and Representation and Collective Bargaining:

To respect the right of employees to freedom of association and representation, and  to respect the right to be represented freely and democratically through employee representatives,

Prevention of Discrimination:

To take care not to discriminatebetween employees in terms of age, gender, race, religion, language, ancestry, ethnic and national origin, social class, sexual orientation, belief, civil, social or economic status, disability, political opinion, right to organize and represent, family responsibilities, illness, pregnancy or military service status or any other condition that may cause discrimination and to integrate mechanisms to prevent discrimination in its processes,

Recruitment, Regular Employment:

To consider technical and professional knowledge, as well as the company’s rules and compliance with the company’s social compliance requirements as necessary and important criteria during recruitment, in the selection of personnel in order to ensure the continuity of social compliance requirements; to apply policies for the prevention of discrimination and harassment and ill-treatment in remuneration, performance and employment contract processes starting from the recruitment stage, to ensure regular employment and social security of employees,

Foreign Employees:
To protect the legal rights of foreign employees about work as the Company,

Prevention of Discipline, Harassment and Ill-Treatment:
To be based on the peace of the working environment and the happiness of the employees; to respect the dignity and personality of the employees, not to carry out corporate punishment; not to apply any form of wage deduction sanctions to discipline the employee, not to allow verbal, physical, psychological harassment, pressure, threat or coercion;

Raising Awareness of Employees:
To inform employees during the recruitment phase and in certain periods during the working period since believing that the basis of social compliance is through conscious employees,

Submission of Wishes and Complaints:
To establish alternative methods by which each employee can communicate their wishes and complaints, to establish an appropriate working environment by evaluating and feedback in a timely and effective manner, and to ensure that no retaliation will be made against the employee’s wishes and complaints;

Stakeholder Feedback:

To ensure that feedback from internal and external stakeholders  on  the policy is notified to us within the  enterprise, by reaching  out directly to the management personnel with our open door policy, by means of a wish and complaint box, by contacting +90 (850) 441 1 900,   by [email protected]  or by using contact form at www.

Working Hours:

To comply with the laws and regulations in force together with the principle of efficient work, in determining the working hours; and to comply with the voluntary principle of overtime; to limit the weekly overtime time in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations,

Rest Days and Holidays:
Not to deprive employees of rest and holiday days within the framework of their legal rights,

Wages and Payments:

Not to pay wages below the minimum wage, to calculate and pay overtime wages as stipulated by law; To determine and pay the minimum wage to be paid to the employees at a level that can meet the minimum living standard in the region where the enterprise is located and to continuously improve the conditions in this regard,

Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations:

To act in accordance with the applicable local laws and regulations and international regulations,

Bribery and Corruption:
To assure that bribery / corruption and/or the giving, receiving or offering of commissions cannot be accepted under any circumstances, and that they will be treated within the framework of determined and announced ethical rules,

Supply Chain Management:

To obtain the social compliance undertakings of the purchased suppliers, subcontractors and business partners, to evaluate each of them in terms of social compliance, to monitor the reasonable and adequate measures they take according to the results of the assessment and to support a mutual cooperation approach to continuously improve the social compliance levels,

Protection of Environment:
To complying with applicable environmental legislation and customer standards, preventing environmental pollution based on environmental dimensions and impact assessment, and reducing pollution from its source through effective waste management.