Volkswagen Sliding PVC Doors

General Features

Volksvagen (VW) PVC door or window could be open by special pull and slide mechanism on a rail, wings moves comfortable and easy, which has a perfect seal with rubber.

Volkswagen system ensures the best thermal and acoustic insulation of all types of sliding systems with high compression of the wing to the frame.
Maximum size for VW systems could be 150 * 240cm. It preferred in entrance doors, there is a disadvantage as the threshold of the doors is too high.

It can be customizable with colors and pattern options.

Helpful Information

This systems is presented single side opening or tilt and turn option with Aluminum Rail Profiles and VW Sliding Mechanism. The maximum wing width is limited to 240cm. When you rotate the handle up and pull towards, the wing gets into the room and it slides on the left or right side.
Volkswagen sliding doors offer high sound and heat insulation with espagnolette compression and TPE seals in addition to the convenience of regular sliding systems. The wings can move very easily in Volkswagen systems (Parallel Sliding) systems. The sashes width must be equal.

Volkwagen System Doors preferred in entrance doors.

Doors Color and Pattern Options

About Glass Types and Energy Loss

The heat loss in the window 90% of the glass, so it is very important to choose the glass in the doors and windows.
Privacy glass is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, it allows light to enter while providing privacy for your home,
Tempered glass is stronger and more impact resistant than regular glass, it is important for safety,
Low-E Insulated argon-glazed glass prevent UV radiation more than 90% and minimize heat transmission.